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Winch Large Poles up to 80' tall
Winch Large Poles up to 80' tall
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Due to transportation cost commercial flagpoles are made in custom fitted sections. There is no reduction in structial integerity of 2 and 3 piece flagpoles. It would virtually inpossible to manufacture and ship an 80 foot flagpole which is 88 feet long overall. Our flagpoles are designed to fit a variety of wind loads and wind ratings are listed with the flagpoles. Also we use a custom patented custom fit joint that leaves only a hair line when assembled.


     This page is to show just how easy it is to assemble a 2 or 3 piece pole. Naturally our 60 thru 80 ft. poles will be a bit more challenging, this assembly is for a 2 piece 35' flagpole. Accomplished by one individual from the digging of the footing, mixing the concrete for same, and assembly of flagpole and erecting it by hand.

Note: this pole is a 5" x 35' x .156 wall total weight of flagpole is 150 lbs. larger poles will require a boom truck or larger to erect, but many smaller poles can be pushed up like standing a ladder. Better if you have two or more to help.

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1- Our two and 3 piece flagpoles are relatively easy to assemble and install. Ours have a patented construction method which makes fit and assembly smooth. I have over 40 years on installation experience along with sales and fabrication. These photos will help you understand just how to. I can’t install every flagpole, but if I can help you to understand how easy it is we will be able to sell more of them.
2 - Let’s start with laying out.  first lay out the bottom section, the pole should be resting on sand bags on the ground, not on the ground or asphalt. Clean the ends that will slide together if mill filings are present. Lay out the top section and align the alignment marks (they may be numbers or letters). Leave as much paper on it untill assembled to avoid scuffs.

3 - Now go to butt end of pole NOT THE TOP. Smack the butt a couple of times with hammer, ( ours is 28 lbs.) As the pole comes together rotate the pole on the bags to insure it is in a streight line.

4 - Look it is coming together but more to go. Let’s smack it a few more times. Our poles are designed with a rolled shoulder (lower end) and the top is machine beveled to fit snugly on the shoulder. leaving an almost invisible hair line fit.
5- A bit more to go . The flagpole sections will marry up tightly but if not lying perfectly in line or no spray lube is used it could take quite a few smacks. I often will cover area at end of pole with a oak board to protect the aluminum from the hammer. Also you can use liquid soap for a lube. (any excess will wash off pole)
 6 - Smooth clean finish. A flagpole that fits together perfectly. No welded plugs, no welded splice that don't fight tight.
7 -  Now prop the flagple up on a stack of 3 or 4 bags of sand near the center of the flagpole to raise the top end a bit and assemble the top head and ball together and screw into top of pole. Threads on pole and ball should both have a dab of silicone sealer on the threads. (bathtub caulking SILICONE)This way when It cures will act like a rubber gasket that will keep vibrations from losing the parts.  

8 - Install and tighten, some of the threads may still be showing, this is normal.  Pull the line through the pulley, walk to end of pole and tie ends together. 


9 -Now slide flash collar up the pole about 6’ and tire halyard around the pole to prevent flash collar from slipping down. (if hammering damaged at the bottom of pole and collar won’t slide on you can file the dings or slide all the way down from top of the pole, be careful not to scrape pole.

10 - If you damaged or scuffed the flagpole during setup it can be sanded out. Our flagpoles are sanded to a 150 grit polish. Use 150 or 120 or 180 grit sand paper and pull sand paper across pole following the same finish lines to remove marks. Other manufactures only sand to a corser finish a rough feeling 80 grit. 

Scuff removed. Now before standing or handling the pole, Wash Your Hands. I use Windex to spray and wash hands to remove any oils from hands, otherwise when you handle or push pole up into position every place you touched pole you will leave a print and dirt will stick to it, and three months from now your hand prints will still exist.

To Finish Installation

This flagpole finished and in place 35' tall 38' 6" overall length, and no evidence that it was delivered in two sections. Our flagpoles are designed to fit together. Our patented forming method of the rolled shoulder on lower sections and beveled end on upper sections makes for a perfect fit, no welds, no pieced in sections with plug welds or poor fitting inserts.


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