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How to build a flagpole.

How to build your own flagpole with a few simple parts.

Pole shown here our 3Pc. Cone Tapered Aluminum


Link: to 2 Piece installation and how multi-section flagpoles are assembled
















Click Here For Complete Flagpole Directory

     You can build your own good quality flagpole for about $60.00 in parts, and some pipe purchased at your local plumbing supply or Lowes or Home Depot's electrical dept.  
     Yes were in the business of making and selling flagpoles. We also provide repair parts to the flagpole industry as well as flags. There are a few simple tips that can save you hundreds of dollars. There a few simple things you can do to make a really nice flagpole if you have a little bit of skill.  Let us sell you a few simple parts and give you a tip or two so you can make your own flagpole that you will be proud of and will be 10 times stronger than the economy kits you find in hardware stores and chain stores. We also sell them for less if you choose to go that way.
     We also offer 2 very high quality flagpoles that are packaged to ship by FedEx  - UPS rather than motor freight saving you over 180 dollars in shipping cost for shipping a one piece pole to residential address. These kits are made using 3" cone tapered , 6063-T6 temper aluminum. Click here to see.
< < < Our AFSS20 Shown here, assembled and installed
     Here is what you could expect to spend on parts from Anchor Flag and Flagpole / Myrtle Beach Flag. Now cost could vary depending on you height and the diameter of pipe you choose.
We also offer highest quality American Flags
Link to complete parts directory  or the links below will take you to just those specific items shown. Each link will open in a new page so you don't loose this page. 
 A Fixed Truck Top from $26.90  Quality Heavy Cast Aluminum.
or use a Revolving Truck $66.00 - $80.90
A Cleat   $7.90  to 11.90
Flag snaps from $1.25 each.
Halyard  from .29 cent a foot. Remember a 20' pole requires 40 ft of line.
And a finishing ornament (optional) for top of truck. from $29.90

Below Select parts kit for 20, 25, or 30 ft poles You supply your own pipe. In the three selections below the truck top is a fixed truck. If you want a revolving truck use the parts directory to select the parts you want, and add them to cart.

 parts directory. Note once you start ordering parts you will be on the secure side of our web site so minimize this page so you don't get lost or loose this page.

20' Parts: $73.00 for 2" fixed truck, 3" gold ball, 40 ft 1/4" halyard, 6" cleat.
25' Parts  $83.30 for 2" fixed truck, 3" gold ball, 50 ft 1/4" halyard, 6" cleat.
30' Parts  $96.80 / 2.5" fixed truck, 4" gold ball, 60 ft 5/16" halyard 9" cleat.
Or use the parts directory to choose your own parts.  parts directory. Note once you start ordering parts you will be in the secure side of our web site so minimize this page so you don't get lost or loose this page.
      You will need to supply pole material. Here is what I use to use in 1972 to make flagpoles in my welding shop.
Here is list. You can adjust sizes to suite yourself.
  • 1, a 2" pipe it will be 2 & 3/8" outside diameter (threaded if not welding)
  • a reducer to 2" to 1 & 1/2"
  • a length of 1 1/2" threaded pipe it will be about 2 1/8" outside.
  • a reducer to 1 1/2 to 1 1/4"
  • a length of 1 1/4" pipe threaded, it will be  1& 7/8" outside and our 2" truck top will fit it just fine.

   If you do not want to use threaded reducers that's fine these sizes will slip inside each other, allow a 1 ft over lap and weld joints, or drill through and bolt.

      The above list will produce a flagpole with over all length of 30 ft. If you bolt or weld pole together using 1 ft. over lap, then dig a 3' deep hole in ground  and concrete a 36" long piece of 4" PVC (plastic pipe) then install pole in the ground sleeve, this will give you a 25' tall finished height flagpole  See Flagpole Instructions here.
Optional , Installation Using A Pivot Base.   You could purchase 1 more length of  2" pipe, cut it in half, burry 30" in concrete in ground leaving both pc. stick up 30 above ground, drill matching 1/2" holes 1 " down from top and 3" up above ground, this would produce a pivot base and your flagpole could be installed so you could raise it up easily and lie it down when needed. See pivot sketch below. 2 - 5' long pipes, 2 - 1/2" bolts 8" long. drill two holes in your pipe flagpole. Use galvanized pipe, No paint No rust.  and this would yield a 30 ft flagpole). (note: you would want to drill all holes first use first drilled as template to match holes in pole, then using proper width spacer bole pivot base together , and install in hole and concrete in place making sure it is plumb. and bottom hole is above concrete finish by 3.5"  )

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Flagpoles are easy to build and install if you are handy with a few simple tools or have some welding experience. (Welding Not Nessary) but does produce a stronger pole rather than using threaded pipe. You could also use a length of fencing pipe 2" but that material is very thin and will not produce a very strong flagpole, but would be fine for 1 3x5' flag. 

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