Anchor Flag And Flagpole
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Winch Small Poles up to 40' tall
Winch Small Poles up to 40' tall
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01.HAL0700 5/16" Halyard Flagpole Rope
02.HAL0200 Halyard 1/4" For Flagpoles
03.HAL0420 3/8" Halyard Flagpole Rope
04.American Made U.S. Nylon 3'x5' Flag
05.American US Flag 5'x8' Nylon
06.Bronze Color Halyard Or Silver Color
07.1 Nylon Flag Snap
08.American US Flag 4'x6' Nylon
09.4'x6' HD Polyester US American Flag
10.C Cast Bronze Flag Snap
Replacing Line
Changing your line (flagpole halyard)  before it breaks. It can save you several hundred dollars. It only takes a few minutes to change the line with both feet on the ground. When you see signs of ware, its time.  But if it breaks, it cost about $350.00 to rent a lift for 1/2 day rental, to access 20 to 35 ft poles.  If pole is taller than 40 ft., only a few companies have a lift that will reach and you can expect to pay more.
This is easiest way to change the line. Paper clip, new halyard and black plastic tape.
Before you start, when you go to cut your old rope becareful not to let either end get loose as if one side is pulled or heavier the other end it may runaway and everything runs through pulley and down to ground.   Insert paper clip into cernter of rope, fold rope about 1 inch, push paper clip so ith comes out at the bend, then fold paper clip over and tape it down.

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Cut old line, insert paper clip Straighten & insert paper clip Break out about 1" inside rope
Fold clip over flat against rope Straighten other end and connect to new  Fold end over same as previous
Tape the folded ends of paper clip by wrapping  around the line all the way past the other end Shape to a half circle about size of roller at top

Now pull the old rope out of roller the new rope will follow right through. You want enough rope to have both ends of new to touch the ground. The tie the two ends together. Click Here it see how to install flag snaps.


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